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Joe Cienkowski fails to check his facts, gets caught out

Today Joe Cienkowski has been claiming that Dr Colin Patterson (senior paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History) said that there were no transitional fossils.

This is a quote from the Creation Science Foundation’s ‘Revised Quote Book’ and seems to be regularly doing the rounds amongst creationists. Unfortunately it’s also a well documented case of quote mining, where Dr Patterson (note Cienkowski can’t even get his name spelled correctly), once contacted about it, confirmed that he didn’t mean what the quote seems to be saying at all.
I’m not going to go over the whole thing, because Talk Origins has an excellent article about it.
The frankly baffling thing about today’s tweets from Joe is that, once shown that the quote was out of context, he kept on claiming that it supported his laughably idiotic creationist viewpoint.
 Caught out, shown to have done fuck all research, Joe is nothing short of a joke.

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One thought on “Joe Cienkowski fails to check his facts, gets caught out

  1. Excellent post, and typical of Peachy.He ignores comments said after one of his quote mines, see the Dawkins/ID crap he parrots endlessly.Although the logic of such an approach goes over his head when you apply to fundementalists… and @JoeCienkowski himself.

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