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I was going to write about Joe Cienkowski again today, about his unbelievably nonsensical tweets filling up twitter with an endless streak of bumwash…but then I stumbled upon this quote –

“It not infrequently happens that something about the earth, about the sky, about other elements of this world, about the motion and rotation or even the magnitude and distances of the stars, about definite eclipses of the sun and moon, about the passage of years and seasons, about the nature of animals, of fruits, of stones, and of other such things, may be known with the greatest certainty by reasoning or by experience, even by one who is not a Christian. It is too disgraceful and ruinous, though, and greatly to be avoided, that he [the non-Christian] should hear a Christian speaking so idiotically on these matters, and as if in accord with Christian writings, that he might say that he could scarcely keep from laughing when he saw how totally in error they are. In view of this and in keeping it in mind constantly while dealing with the book of Genesis, I have, insofar as I was able, explained in detail and set forth for consideration the meanings of obscure passages, taking care not to affirm rashly some one meaning to the prejudice of another and perhaps better explanation.”

The writer felt that clinging to a literal interpretation of Genesis was the surest way to got a non-Christian guffawing at your idiocy, able as he was to see that reality clearly contradicted the Bible account.

Who said this? Was it Pope John Paul the Second? The Archbishop of Canterbury? No, it was Augustus of Hippo, writing in AD 408, more than fifteen hundred years before Darwin discovered the truth of Evolution.

Joe Cienkowski, and his fellow creationists, would do well to read these words.

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