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God’s trade off – your unthinking faith for his love

@TheUncutTruth is unusual for a JesusTweeter in that he seems to actually have at least a touch of humility. Now, I’ve not had a lot of dealings with him yet, and he might yet turn out to be as massive a dick as Joe Cienkowski, or @melsite1, men who repeat their bullshit despite being proved wrong time and time again.

Anyway, I asked him earlier why he believed, what caused him to have faith – these are his replies….

Its complex. Too complex for twitter. And I am not wise enough, or arrogant enough to think I have all the answers.

A good start, he acknowledges that the issue is complex, and that Twitter isn’t the ideal venue for such a discussion. He goes on –

But what I do know is what I feel. What I have experienced and how I’ve been transformed. Science didn’t turn my life around….

He’s right, science didn’t turn his life around, but I’m sure science could explain what did…
 I’d also asked him if he literally hears the word of God –

and yes he speaks to me ALL the time. Can science explain the peace I feel in heart? How HE took away my anger!

 Interesting, but I’ll come back to that….

If you don’t believe, fine. I’m not an evangelist or preacher. You aetheists keep hitting me up. I think you all are seeking HIM..

…and don t even know it. That’s why the interest in why I believe. I’m at peace. I KNOW your not. There is something missing…

 THIS is where I start to feel a little aggrieved, I don’t appreciate being told that I’m subconsciously seeking some god or other, especially when I’d already turned my back on religion many many years ago. 

From here on in @TheUncutTruth strays further from anything I can agree with….

Open your mind to the possibilty that MAN, who only uses 8% of his brain, might not be able to comprehend GOD, and God doesn’t…

….want him to. He’s got to be smarter than us right? Infinitely so. HE creates doubt, so we have to earn his love thru faith..

 OK, let’s go through these last few points. @TheUncutTruth does what so many believers have done before him, he learns to control his anger issues, but then, rather than saying ‘Go me, I’ve done a good thing there’, he attributes his change to God. I always feel this is kind of a pity, as often these people have done a great job dealing with some personality flaw only to hand their achievement to their invisible friend. This has the effect of keeping them in a position of guilt and gratitude, still convinced that they are sinners, and that they should praise their deity for what they themselves have actually done. It’s sad, and a little pathetic.

Now the claim that all atheists are seeking God is another regular tactic claimed by the faithful, they seem incapable of understanding that maybe some people AREN’T looking for the kind of fulfilment they claim to have. @TheUncutTruth’s claim that he knows that I’m not ‘at peace’ is insulting and presumptuous, and is just another one of theists bullshit attempts at showing that they have ‘hidden knowledge’, or can see into the souls of others. No, @TheUncutTruth, there is nothing missing from my life, nothing that belief in a meddling Sky Daddy can fix anyway. 

It’s when he starts saying that I need to open my mind that things go badly wrong. Where he’s got the downright wrong idea that we only use 8% of our brains is anyone’s guess – he’s managed to downgrade use from the (also wrong) commonly held misconception of 10%. I’m going to assume that he’s been told this by a preacher or someone similar, certainly it’s pat enough to segue into the line about not being able to comprehend God. 

…and it’s that part that REALLY gets my goat. We need to ‘earn’ the love of God through faith? What absolute bollocks. God will shower us with his love if we suspend our intelligence, put aside our ability to ask questions, stop thinking for ourselves and just BELIEVE?? It’s insulting and stupid, but seems to be the kind of nonsense the faithful swallow without question.

Why shouldn’t I demand evidence from whatever god is supposed to exist? Why shouldn’t I say to him/her/it ‘It’s all very well saying you’ll give me your love, but what you’re asking for in return, my everlasting soul, is something I’m going to need to see some evidence up front for’. Ultimately gods need the unquestioning acceptance of their demands, cos if we (heaven forbid!) think for ourselves, we very quickly start to questions whether we need those gods at all.

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