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Jehovah’s Witnesses, crazy-arsed loonbags

This astonishingly bonkers cartoon made me laugh out loud towards the end. Shortly after destroying the world with 3 meteors and some wonky lightning, Jesus/Archangel Michael, wipes out a bunch of filthy, non-Jehovah’s Witness, Christians. These two shots follow one after the other –

 Dead kid on the ground….
…cuts to Jesus with a ‘Fuck YEAH!’ look on his face
The Messiah looks so pleased with his child slaughtering antics that it’s impossible not to laugh, and then difficult not to wonder just how massively fucked up Jehovah’s Witnesses must be to think this is acceptable.
Still, the saved in heaven at the end of the video seem to show that, amongst others, Jimmy Carr, Kent Hovind, and Colonel ‘KFC’ Saunders are present, which is nice.
l-r – Jimmy Carr, some dude, Kent Hovind, crossdresser in a hat, Mr KFC

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3 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses, crazy-arsed loonbags

  1. The artwork in the first youtube is not ours. Doesn't in any way resemble it. C'mon, now. Fair is fair.Artwork in the 2nd and 3rd seems modeled after ours…it is recognizable, but has been altered in minor ways.(just going by the cover frame, you understand. i didn't actually take the time to play them. Next time, perhaps)

  2. All from the same video, nothing altered at all as far as I can see

  3. ha ha colonel sanders. Lol.My guess is that the four most prominent men at the end are (from right to left):Charles Taze RussellJudge RutherfordNathan KnorrFred FranzAll witness presidents and enormous pieces of shit.Caleb

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