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What (dinosaur) Would Jesus Ride?

One of the more bizarre and desperate claims of Creationists is that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. I suppose this is a step in the right direction, admitting that dinosaurs even existed is a major step forward for these people.

Anyway, rampant homophobe, ‘Texas Firster’, and Anti-evolutionist @cltaylor463 has been fogging up Twitter this week with TruthBomb after TruthBomb, showing us ‘Athesistic’s [sic] that, far from being separated by millions upon millions of years, humans actually lived alongside dinosaurs!!

His ‘evidence’ has been rather non-existent, other than telling me that ‘Humans and Dinos have been found at the same digging depth’ before going on to explain that ‘Stratas are make believe depths’ (take THAT you motherfucking BULLSHITTING geologists!! FUCK YEAH!), rounding off with an irrefutable ‘Human beings were around post 500,000 years ago according to the latest research ignorant one.’ (unintentionally correct there, humans were around ‘post 500,000 years’ ago, quite a lot post it, but let’s allow @cltaylor463 his brief, possibly only, moment of being right about something)

In the absence of any evidence coming from @cltaylor463, I hit Google and found this work of absolute genius. It’s gloriously mad, and is worth a look at if you want a good chuckle.

Beneath a drawing of a caveman riding a dinosaur (seriously, you don’t even have to make this shit up!), a triumphant list of ‘proofs’ that man lived with dinosaurs is presented – Malachite Man, a fossilized hammer, a fossilized human finger, and a fossilised hand print. It goes without saying that every single last one of these is donkey balls, from the only hundreds of years old, and not even fossilised, merely buried bones of Malachite Man, to the completely valueless fossilised ‘finger’, every last one of them is a ‘proof’ so weak that they would blow away in a light breeze.

The highlight of the whole page is the link to a page designed to show just how earth shattering these revelations truly are. Illustrated with pictures of Dawkins, and a few other, less well known, commentators, the site posts quote after quote saying that any bones found in the ‘wrong’ strata would ‘destroy’ evolution. Thing is, the quotes are supplied (mostly) in full, so the actual context can be seen, and almost without fail they say ‘if such a thing were found, it would destroy the theory of evolution, yet we never see anything other than we expect.’ No amount of drawing emphasis to the text claiming that evolution is under threat and has faced a hypothesis where, if true, it could be claimed to have been totally destroyed, alters the facts that the quotes are saying, almost without exception, the exact opposite.

But let’s let @cltaylor463 have the final word –

…..preach on, Brother, preach on.

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