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Stormbringer’s Chunder

Once upon a time there was a Christian fundamentalist who posted on Twitter under the name @Stormbringer_5. Even for a jesustweeter, he was unusually paranoid and reactionary. And so it came to pass that one day I posted a comment that animals (and human babies) were all atheist, that is, not believing in gods.

This perfectly reasonable comment (after all, how do you explain the man made construct of religion to a dog, or a child that hasn’t yet developed language) drew a particularly amusing reply from Mr Stormbringer, screen captured below –

– yes, it seemed that Mr Storm was claiming that to say animals are born without a concept of gods is a ‘downright stupid assumption’. Whilst we can no more prove that a cat believes in the supernatural than we can ask it for it’s opinion of last night’s Eastenders, we can be fairly sure we’re on safe ground if we state that it probably doesn’t believe in the supernatural.

This resulted in a back and forth culminating in Stormbringer_5 locking his twitter account, and taking to his computer to bash out a furious, missing the point, reply. And to think, that he brought the whole thing upon himself by claiming that atheism caused brain damage, a claim he made with no evidence whatsoever, and nothing to back his point up.

Basically, he ended up calling me a liar, and launched a series of personal attacks on his blog, including a rather weird comment about ‘lip fungus’.

Things took an hilarious turn when one of his commentators (some of whom are him signed in on different accounts) posted some verses from Psalms claiming that, not only do ALL the animals praise ‘the Lord’, but even the hills and field worshipped him!

This was beyond ludicrous, but the sarcasm of my reply seemed to be lost on Stormbringer, and he again flexed his typing muscles and took to the net.

Now, you’ll notice something about Stormbringer’s blog; he moderates all his comments, meaning that various calm, reasoned, explanations of how wrong he was, and how he’d completely failed to grasp the point of what had been said, have been ignored, whilst ‘Praise Be!!’ bullshit from his other accounts readers have been given prime spots in backing up his delusions.

Anyway, to clarify, I think we can safely say that animals and new born babies have no concept of gods, or fairies, or unicorns, or even computers, DVD players, or helicopters. And it is surely a FACT that hills, rocks, rivers, clouds, and other non-living things, lacking as they are in brains, don’t believe in anything, whether it’s Thor, Vishnu, Allah, or Yahweh.

In the interest of fairness, I’m leaving the comments unmodeerated so Stormbringer can give a full and frank account of his version of events.

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3 thoughts on “Stormbringer’s Chunder

  1. Still pleading your case? I gave all the facts, and you insist on putting words in my mouth. This is better yet, you humiliate yourself and show the world (or about ten people) that you are a liar and a fool. Did you ever get that ointment for your lip fungus, Dudley?

  2. Hello! Please explain the following1. Do you think that animals and new borns believe in gods2. Please show where I've put words in your mouth3. Explain your rather bizarre, and inaccurate, 'lip fungus' commentOh, and the 'I can work out which town you live within 10 miles of by your IP address' is the kind of thing that would have mildly impressed a child 15 years ago, now it just looks a bit pathetic.I look forward to your replies

  3. Hey, Skippy! Your should mark your addendums. If you had made something similar to this sentence that you tacked on, "I think we can safely say that animals and new born babies have no concept of gods, or fairies, or unicorns, or even computers, DVD players, or helicopters", I would not have challenged you!Your other demands? Nah. I have answered them ad nauseum.Hey, do you still remember that time when we went to the Red Cow pub? You, me, and the Archbishop of Canterbury? Good times!

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