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the Joe Cienkowski Challenge

If you’re an atheist and use twitter, you’ve probably encountered Joe Cienkowski at some point. Joe is a truth ignoring, fact denying, knowledge refusing, Young Earth Creationist, who seems to spend every hour of every day spewing sub Ham/Hovind rubbish at people who aren’t interested. I’m guessing he hasn’t got a job, from the amount of time he spends online (time that seems to have not been spent making sure his marriage hasn’t gone south) and, as he seems to display signs of being educationally challenged, I’m not surprised.

Anyhoo, many others have blogged about Joe (just Google his name) so I’m going to cut right to the challenge…..

Joe has racked up over 30,000 tweets in a year or so, your challenge is to find a SINGLE ONE that isn’t unmitigated bullshit.

….to be honest I wouldn’t even bother looking.

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