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More Daniel 2 lunacy, and a bit of the Tower of Babel

Twitter user @bible_only, once shown that Daniel 2 is no more a prophecy than I am a coal miner, sailed into waters of pure insanity by claiming that the offices of the EU were the new ‘Tower of Babel’, and started bleating on that ‘EU WON’T CLEAVE!!’ whilst posting links to pictures of riot police.

I believe he is trying to claim that the ten toes of the statue are the ten member states of the EU…I know, you’re already ahead of me here, ‘But Alex, surely there are loads more members than 10?’, and you’re right. @bible_only makes a claim based on nothing, the EU formed in the early 50’s with 6 members, growing to 9 at the time the UK joined. In fact it did have a period of 10 members, between 1981 and 1986, but this period passed without a rock hurtling from the Kingdom of God and smashing the whole edifice. Since then the EU has grown, and long passed the point were any reasonable reading of the ‘prophecy’ of Daniel 2 could be applied to it.

The Tower of Babel part of @bible_only’s insane rantings are even more bizarre. As a result of this image –

– he’s decided that the EU has something to do with the Biblical Tower of Babel. Now, let’s set aside the fact that there’s not a single shred of archaeological evidence that the Biblical Tower ever existed, and that the story of the Tower itself is so ludicrous as to be nothing short of an embarrassment to Christians, and consider that there is no description anywhere in the Bible of what the Tower of Babel looked like. Brueghel’s painting is purely an invention of the artist, and whilst the painting itself may have inspired the building on the right, and a EU slogan from a few years back trumped ‘Many Languages, One Voice’, the European Union has nothing to do with the comically nonsensical story from Genesis.

Googling some info for this post, I stumbled upon this page – – which seems to be making the same ill-founded claims as @bible_only (albeit in a slightly less hysterical manner). It just goes to show, put enough paranoid, swivel-eyed, conspiracy-believing fundie-nuts on the internet, and they’ll eventually put two and two together and come up with ‘GOD!’ about practically anything.

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