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Eric Hovind Begs

A while ago Eric Hovind posted a video on Facebook asking for 5000 idiots believers to donate $10 a month for a year. This would supply him with $50,000 a month, or an insane $600,000 a year. You can watch the video here, or download it here if you’re not part of the FB world (or if Eric deletes it).

It seems that $600,000 isn’t enough for Eric though, and now the scheme has gone live via a shiny new website, the amount has increased to $20 a month, meaning that a full sign up would score Eric $100,000 a month in tax free religious donations! Let that sink in, that’s an eye watering $1.2 MILLION a year.

That’s not just begging, that begging on an industrial scale. Utterly shameful behaviour from a so called Christian….though should we be surprised when Eric is perfectly happy to act like a total douche at the unveiling of the first atheist monument?

Sye Ten Bruggencate Challenge

Given that Sye keeps talking about me I feel it only right that he and I have it out once and for all. Sye, you’re challenged to either meet me via a Google Hangout or a Skype debate. As always the audio/video will be under a Creative Commons no derivs/no commercial licence.

UPDATE: Still no reply from Ten Bruggencate

Jason Petersen: A Challenge

Here’s a challenge to Jason Petersen – stop badmouthing me on your various risible blogs and Facebook pages, and man up for a Skype debate. 

Bob Sorensen’s Fans Would Dub Him a ‘Coward’ if They Knew the Truth

Read this (taken from Bob Sorensen’s ‘The Question Evolution Project’ Facebook page)

Edited to prevent Bob from firing off a bullshit DMCA

Edited to prevent Bob from firing off a bullshit DMCA

Note the comments?

Nathan – “So, if he won’t debate, then why bother making accusations in the first place? Apparently, he doesn’t want to defend them”

Desiree – “Only a coward think it’s acceptable to insult a woman (or anyone else for that matter) and then not be willing to back up his assumptions.”

Yup, sounds about right to me, only a coward would think it acceptable to insult a woman, a coward like Bob! Remember this from 2011?

Picture 1

That’s right, Bob called my wife a prostitute, and then, when she objected, insulted her – behold –

Charming, eh?

Charming, eh? Also note the avatar, yes, it’s a photo of me Bob used! Looks like he can’t DMCA this either!

You can read all about it here

Oh, and that stuff about not being willing to back up assumptions? Yeah, we all remember Bob and the way he ran away from debating me, don’t we? Yes, yes we do.

This is Getting Ridiculous

Facebook complaint

Facebook complaint

In a move that will surprise absolutely no-one, Bob Sorensen has once again abused the ‘report’ function on Facebook to get me suspended. The first time he did this it was because I’d posted a screen shot of a Posterous 404 ‘page not found’, and you can read about that here. The second time, earlier this week, he reported me for posting a link to an image that HE had posted on a public group….the image wasn’t reposted, it was merely hotlinked from the Facebook page for the Question Evolution Project. Amusingly, the notification I received showed only the link as the ‘infringing’ material, which kind of answers the question I presented at the end of this post.

This time, as you can see in the screen shot above, Bob has reported me for posting a reproduction of an email I sent. Yup, it’s an image that Bob has no intellectual claim to whatsoever. Unfortunately it seems that Facebook aren’t very good at policing abuse of the report function, and apparently everything is automatically pulled after a complaint, and the ‘offender’ banned without any hope of appeal.


To be honest, I’m sick of writing about Bob – he’s a pathetic no-mark who does more harm to the reputation of Christianity than I could manage in a million years. I’m only posting this now so that the whole thing is written down, allowing others who might one day fall foul of the gnomish little sadsack to see that he has a well deserved reputation as a total fuckwad.




I Laughed

“An atheopath was caught using an image of mine. (Actually, my wife snapped it.) I told him to take it down. It’s mine, not his. Pretty simple that even this simpleton could understand it. He refused. I reported it to WordPress (Automattic). They made him take it down.Then he put it up again. I filed another takedown notice with WordPress. It came down.I found up that he put the thing up again a third time. Pretty arrogant, “Nobody’s gonna tell me what to do!” attitude, he felt that he was in the right, despite what the law and what the WordPress Terms of Service said. Guess what? Looks like the third strike, he’s out.”

So said Bob Sorensen, over at his risible ‘Stormbringer’s Thunder’ last month, after he frivolously filed a DMCA claim against both this blog and Gods That Don’t Exist.
Do you think he’ll be altering his article now I’ve successfully argued ‘Fair Use’ and had all the material reinstated?

The lesson is – stand up to bullies like Bob, they’re all bluster and no follow through.

Eric Hovind’s Joined Up Thinking

From Facebook, 18 hours ago –


"But there are a few morons out there who must think it's cool, even though they don't believe the same thing."

“But there are a few morons out there who must think it’s cool, even though they don’t believe the same thing.”

From Twitter, two hours ago –

"Referring to people as morons is always a great way to win the debate."

“Referring to people as morons is always a great way to win the debate.”


An Update on Bob ‘@piltdownsupermn’ Sorensen’s Lies

In this article, entitled ‘Dumping Posterous’, Bob ‘I’m a HUGE liar’ Sorensen claims that he voluntarily ditched his Posterous account, before making the following statement –

“An atheopath is claiming credit for that one site on Posterous being down. But since he is famous for lying, libel and defamation, I doubt that it’s true.”

Really, Bob? Well here’s a screen print to prove it.




But you knew that already, didn’t you Bob? And you know that you’re lying to your reader by claiming otherwise.

Amazing Spin from Bob ‘@piltdownsupermn’ Sorensen

Incredible, read the following from Cowardboy Blob –


“These are primarily Web and Facebook postings, I didn’t violate the privacy and stalk individuals (unlike some people) to put screen shots of their pages up.” (from here – *)

Really Bob? You don’t do that? Well what about the page that used to be here? The one that your little fan Jason Petersen has reproduced here? In fact the ONLY reason you can say you ‘don’t’ do that is because the evidence you DO was erased from your Posterous account after you got whacked with a DMCA!

And so the endless dishonesty of Bob Sorensen continues.







*how long before the paranoid nutcase starts claiming that even quoting his words or posting URLs is a copyright infringement?

Bob Sorensen Thinks an Empty Page Accurately Represents His Intellect

Today Bob has stepped up his paranoia, and has complained to Facebook, resulting in me being blocked for three days – all for posting an image. What was this image you wonder? Why, it was a screenshot of a Posterous 404 ‘Page Not Found’ error with Bob’s Posterous URL in the address bar! Apparently Bob believes this to be an infringement of his intellectual rights! Naturally I have queried this with Facebook, asking how the page can contain Bob’s property when it is the generic ‘no content’ page for Posterous. I hope that FB will see reason and recognise that Bob’s claim is entirely malicious, and lacking in any actual credibility.

Here’s a recreation of the screenshot, using a page that doesn’t exist. If anyone at Posterous doesn’t want their 404 page shown in this article, please email me and I’ll take it down (Bob, you don’t work for Posterous, so you can’t, sorry)

Not Bob's page, but practically identical to the image he claimed as his.

Not Bob’s page, but practically identical to the image he claimed as his.

I assume he’s done this because he was upset at having the page pulled down after a valid, and successful, DMCA claim from myself. On that page he had posted numerous screen shots of my, and others, intellectual property – tweets, facebook updates, blog posts, and (most importantly, as the other parts could be maybe considered public domain in some cases) photographs that I own the copyright on. Given that Bob is very fond of false take down notices, I don’t know why he should have a problem with a legitimate one.

I find it sad that Bob is so bereft of honour that he stoops to actions like this. But I also find it amusing that he has effectively admitted that his ‘intellect’ is equal to an empty webpage.

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